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Powerful Tools for Coaching



Sixcycle is a web-based coaching platform providing powerful, easy to use tools for setting goals, designing training plans,
assigning workouts, evaluating workout data, tracking progress, managing correspondence and more.


Goal Setting

You start all of your athlete relationships with goal setting, so why doesn’t your coaching software? Sixcycle athlete accounts have scheduled goals to motivate and inform. The integrated RaceLibrary, built collaboratively by the Sixcycle coach community, presents a consolidated source of races from which athletes and coaches can select events by priority level.

Training Plan Design

With athlete goals in place, Sixcycle coaches post Training Plans to provide training structure. Training Plans are featured prominently in the everyday use of Sixcycle and Training Plan Templates get athlete accounts set up quickly and allow for easy individualization.

Workout Evaluation

Powerful, easy to use training file evaluation features provide sophisticated analysis and deep insight into athlete performance to show how well workouts are executed.


Easily accessible long term evaluation features show how the training process is shaped over time and provide high level guidance about training direction.

Testing & Zones

Integrated performance testing and zone creation features keep all of your athlete data in one place and provide a comprehensive history of athlete development.


Integrated correspondence centralizes your coach-athlete interactions streamlining communications and establishing accountability.



Sixcycle’s best of class coaching tools bring efficiency and time savings. Routine tasks such as identifying goals, implementing training plans, building training zones, assigning workouts, evaluating training data and managing correspondence are handled quickly and with ease, so you can focus on what really matters… actually coaching.


Apply deep individualization to your work with all of your athletes. Sixcycle’s template based libraries help you get athletes set up quickly, so you can focus on individualizing your approach with each client instead of fumbling around with mundane tasks.


Sixcycle coaches provide more deeply personalized services to greater numbers of athletes. Sixcycle helps you grow your client list without sacrificing the quality of your coaching.


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